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    Hi guys,

    i always read about how people get a lot of hair loss after they stop using minoxidil or rogaine. why does this happen?

    Can someone explain, as these medics i spoke to, don’t know anything it seems – they just say it is a side effect.



    minoxidil is useless in hair growth. It will grow hair temporarily as it expands vessels in the scalp. but long term use reduces this effect, and then there is very little progress, and you even end up loosing hair.

    not only that, you get water retention on your face, permanently, until you stop using it.

    and when you do stop using it, the side effects happen to be a lot of loss of hair.



    think about it this way, minoxidil works by expanding capillaries in the scalp. they are expanded and rebuilt to some extent, but imagine that the body is now dependant on the effect minoxidil has, on maintaining the openness of the capiliaries.

    a sudden stop, will shrink them dramatically! this is why it happens.



    I assume you mean because the capillary walls collapse because of dependency.

    I read on the NHS website (here: ) that there is no real cure for hair loss, but how can those shampoo companies or anyone be allowed to say anything about it?



    This is because hair loss as a general cure does not exist, but a cure on a individual level does. Many people have fixed their hair loss problem, and many have stopped it altogether from progressing.

    It requires a lot of work, using oils, scalp massaging daily without fail, taking the right supplements and managing your body from hormone imbalances and such. It’s a long term lifestyle change, and not everyone’s cup of tea, nor their level of understanding – I mean, they won’t even understand why doing multiple things is working, so they will stop. Just because you don’t know why it’s working, does not mean its not working.



    Good points @Addison

    Thank you for sharing

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