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    I just bought a tray of perilla oil and stored it in the garage. After about 1 month, I noticed that they had gone cloudy which I’m assuming means theyve gone off. I thought a cold place to store them (Sealed) would preserve them much longer.

    Does anyone know why this would have happened?



    A few reasons I can think of
    -poor quality oil which isn’t packaged properly
    -garage temperature fluctuates and is not as cooled as you think.

    It is strange that sealed bottles would do that. Have you actually opened them up and checked? Might just be condensation lol



    Yeahh by the sounds of it, looks like they weren’t well packaged :( You might have just got a faulty batch?
    I just keep it in a cupboard which is cool and dark, seems to stay fine.



    I think I just have to go with the theory that weren’t in fact packed properly. This time I’ve bought a more expensive version of it in the hopes the packaging is of higher quality – lets see….definitely getting a refund though

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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