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    I’m never sure what the terms virgin and extra-virgin oil mean? Are they untouched? lol 😛



    The terms are describing how much acidity is present in the oil (usually). Virgin oil usually has less than 2%, extra virgin has less than 0.8%. Also I say usually because some areas don’t regulate this label and it could just be marketing, you need to read the label yourself.
    This is showing varying degrees of quality in terms of taste since people obviously prefer less acidic ones.
    There is also a difference in the processing but I’m not too sure what the technical differences in that sense are.



    I don’t think anyone has made this clear but this can be the case for several oils, not just olive oil. Coconut oil can also go through the same process to be ‘virgin coconut oil’.



    When the olives are pressed, the higher grades (virgin and extra virgin) comes from the production only whereas lower grades are mixed with refined oils.



    Lmao glad someone cleared that up for me too.

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