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    I’ve only ever heard positive things on the forum about coconut oil for the hair but for me, my hair just hates coconut oil.

    Im almost certain I start losing more hair and it makes it frizzy. Whats going on?



    According to this paper, lauric acid (a major substance in coconut oil) can trigger an autoimmune response in some which leads to inflammation. If overall inflammation is increasing than that might explain it.

    It also can worsen the condition for MS.

    Are you prone to autoimmune diseases by any chance?


    Yeah definitely possible; don’t mistake natural oil for being good oil for hair. Though we talk about it positively on the forums here, it can negatively effect certain people. Always best to test any product and see what happens instead of blindly using.



    I’ve always wondered why no one has brought this up. Coconut oil is not all good and has had the exact same effects on me@!


    That’s an interesting paper. Do you know the link between increase in inflammation in the body and increase in specifically scalp inflammation? I wonder how much of an impact it makes.



    I can’t say but all that is important is it will make SOME kind of difference. Just like a crappy diet would, you don’t want to be subjecting your body to it necessarily. The fact it can damage nerves makes me want to steer clear.



    Never had anything of the sort and I really go crazy with coconut oil, both eating and applying.
    BTW, isn’t that paper meant to be on the consumption of coconut oil I can’t tell??



    Yes it is consumption of it. Maybe the lauric acid has a much less of an effect when topically applied which is why it doesn’t happen to everyone. idk



    I dunno much about that study and its impact on hair, but coconut oil tends to have a drying effect anyway.

    Everyone knows too much of it can lead to inflammation just like overusing a facewash for your skin.



    Yes I agree with Jaetyn, thats the only tested reason for it occurring with topical application.

    Point is…its not working so maybe stop using 😛



    I actually started getting eczema on my eye lids after using coconut oil. My skin hates coconut oil – overdrying af

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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