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    My gran is big on herbs and natural remedies and helped massage an oil in my hair. She said I should keep it in all night but is this actually good for my hair? I get that it would help absorb more of it into the scalp but I’ve read mixed things online..



    I can’t stand leaving anything on my face or hair at night, just makes it to uncomfortable to sleep. I don’t think it would be harmful though.



    The biggest argument against doing that is that if the oil is rancid, or becomes rancid whilst you have it on, it isn’t the healthiest thing for you hair or skin…



    Yess, like the person above said you don’t exactly want to be putting something that has gone off in your hair which is can do since you skin temp is pretty high ;/



    You would be fine, it’s only a matter of a few a hours, just be sure to wash off first thing in the morning.



    You can say goodbye to your pillowcases though lol

    Just apply it when you have spare hour or so, I don’t think it does that much more if you leave it overnight.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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