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    Does cedarwood essential oil help at all with hair loss? Would love to hear experiences on it.



    Essential oils for hair or skin is not recommended. They are neruotoxic which is why it should never be consumed and dangerous for animals.

    Application on the skin can still lead to nerve damage and inflammation, there is just not any studies done on its safety yet because it is a fairly new trend.


    But there are so many sites which recommend it for skin and hair problems and people say they work? Surely it can’t be that dangerous.



    Many people using it should not dictate safety.

    As far as usage goes, minoxidil even works for hair loss but it can have some serious side effects. The difference here is that no one is sure what exactly long term effects would be of essential oils. But if it’s related to our CNS, it’s bound to be a big deal.



    I’d agree with Gambhiri, I’m not a fan of essential oils especially from non-credible sites or people.

    Also i don’t think it would do much for hair loss. It does have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, but so what?



    @jeanette I’ve used some good mixtures from Dr Axe. It gave a good feel in my scalp and improved the texture of the hair! I did have to dilute it a fair bit because of the burning.



    Damara, you are literally describing why essential oils can be harmful. No skin or hair treatment should ‘burn’ lol.



    I personally love cedarwood oil. I’ve never experienced the irritation other people are talking about. I made my own shampoo with it mixed in and makes my hair feel great.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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