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    Just wanted to ask if it is possible and safe to use oils combined with minoxidil and do scalp massage with?

    I am just trying to improve on my regime and results so thought of doing this.



    Yes you can do that, but you don’t need minoxidil if you will carry out a 30 minute or more duration of scalp massage on a daily basis – they both do exactly the same thing, one without the negative side effects and expense.



    Yes you can, should do no harm to be honest. good luck with improving your results.



    why would you want to do that anyway? minoxidil is known to not work that effectively, and then you have to take it for life even if you don’t get results. that’s like an obvious cash cow for these pharma companies who make it.

    like the other user said, a scalp massage is going to do wonders for your scalp and hair growth than a stupid chemical like minoxidil.

    make the effort and change your diet too. hormone is the number one cause of hair loss because it makes it the hardest to recover from unless a strict protein diet is adhered to – lean meats and leafy greens ONLY for at least 14 days. test it yourself and see how amazing it works.



    Thank you for the replies. I didnt think of minoxidil like that, and have been researching on it on other forums. really appreciate how you guys are more real than the other forums.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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