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    New mom here! My angel of 4 months gets dry skin now and again and I’ve previously used baby oil to keep it moisturized. I don’t want to use artificial products where there is an equivalently effective natural alternative. Does anybody have any suggestions?



    Congrats on your new baby! <3
    Secondly, you have a scary name based on that movie haha
    I think base oils are all ok to use as moisterisers provided you are using it very sparingly (baby skin is delicate obv)



    @Damien THANK YOU
    and not so much thanks for associating my name with a creepy poltergeist…
    Ah ok so base oils like the standard olive, coconut, almond oil? I guess this forum is for coconut oil so im not surprised :p


    Baby oils like Johnsons and other popular brands are actually mineral oils. For most parents, they are happy it can prevent the odd skin rash on their child but it actually just forms a protective layer and does not moisterise per se.

    It works similar to vaseline and is also a by-product of petroleum.



    @Rafael That is exactly why I ditched the stuff. Who wants to put a petroleum based product on their kid?!
    FYI to all parents reading this, DO NOT put essential oils on your baby. I though it is a given but I’ve seen some google posts condoning it. it is too harsh for your baby skin and if accidentally ingested could be fatal.



    Noo way! I never knew :(
    I don’t put to much anyway but I’d rather not at all after knowing that. So what can I use?
    @Filipina that is just ridiculous, should report the sites that recommend that, basically endangering the child.


    As you said there is not that much of a requirement in most cases. Any gentle oil which is safe in case the baby touches it and puts it in their mouth. Coconut oil is a common choice.


    Baby oil after a shower has become a thing. I am certain this has really just been pushed by Johnson & Johnson. Mineral oil is a cheap cloggy oil and they just add a fragrance. Nothing good for your baby to be honest.



    I agree. Cheap stuff with no real value – can even CAUSE rashes and skin redness. Substitute with almond oil :)



    Perilla oil is also a nice one :) I think less is better when it comes to babies, regardless of what you are using



    Thank you for the input. I started using tiny amounts of warmed coconut oil and Miley is doing much better with it. So much happier using a natural alternative now!



    I thought baby oil is FDA approved, I never thought they could allow such adverse reactions from it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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