does castor oil grow hairCastor oil has been used for thousands of years in ancient India for various reasons – but does Castor oil actually grow hair?

The problem with this type of question is, that it various from individual to individual, and their whole lifestyle. This is called holistic medicine – it looks at the whole individual and their whole life. Diseases and situations don’t happen by mistake according to holistic medicine, they happen because of the person in question.

For example, if the person has a certain way of emotions and his certain way of reacting to stressful situations – this can reflect on how his hormones will be, and how they will become in the near future, and if they will stay in balance, or not.

The human body cannot hold extreme emotions for that long, and so sacrifices human health, to keep up with the extreme emotions, hence those very people have a very specific face pattern (in later life) – at a younger age, it is hard to tell this as the body is in its prime, but if the body is not stabilized, this can reflect in how the person will look, including hair and skin.

Anyway – the point I am trying to get to, is that yes, Castor oil can help grow hair – but you can’t just rely on one method, or recipe to renew the hair, and increase hair growth, you need to follow a regime, such as ones discussed in the forums here.

You can use the oil as a part of a larger regime, and yes this can help hair growth – it is also important not to use Castor oil on a daily basis, as this can be too overwhelming for the scalp, as the oil is strong, and can cause a reaction if used too much.

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