is that if Coconut oil good for your hair

The Question of the ages is that if Coconut oil good for your hair and skin and scalp? Is it Good for renewing hair growth or renewing younger skin growth?

For the millionth time, is Coconut Oil Good for your hair?

Coconut oil (or Copra Oil) is a usually edible oil that is extracted from the Coconut; but due to varying levels of extraction, from wet process to dry process methods, there are varying qualities to it, and for soap making, there are various saponification levels for each type of extraction process, and therefore slightly different levels of effectiveness for each type of extraction.

As you can see from the chart above; coconut oil is relatively good for hair and hair growth, but if you have a more serious concern or condition for thinning hair, or poor quality hair, then you should try the other better rated and reviewed oils above – the chart is updated on a monthly basis should anything change so please refer to it often, as sometimes new research shows something even better at times, so this changes.

What is the best way to use Coconut oil for hair growth?

The best way really to use this type of oil is to use it once or twice a month maximum. The dangers of overusing this oil is that it will cool the scalp, to the extent that it will produce the opposite result, and this is not what you are looking for when you use the oil.

What is the best type of process of Coconut oil extraction for hair?

The best type of coconut oil for hair must be¬†organic coconut oil. Ideally made in the country where it naturally grows ¬†– so don’t buy coconut oil from countries where they don’t even produce it. The reason for the oil being organic is that pesticides used in them can sometimes get on the coconut and this can negatively affect your hair growth.

Is Castor Oil Good for your Hair?

Castor Oil has been known for many years to be great for hair growth and thickening the new growth, but due to it being such a thick oil, many people usually don’t know how to use it.

In our chart, Castor oil and Coconut oils are equally effective in hair growth and giving hair growth a push – but these oils both can only be applied a few times a month; not an everyday oil – and this means it cannot be used for total renewal (serious conditions, or just lots of hair falling out per day) – but these oils can be used as part of the larger regime.

What is the best way to use Castor oil for hair growth?

The best way to use this oil is to mix it in with a lighter oil – and usually Jojoba oil as the main oil, and with a very small amount of castor oil added to it – so the thickness is easier to manage.

What is the best type of castor oil?

Ideally you should try to get the organic version, as they are with least pesticides; and won’t affect your hormone system when applied topically.

Is Almond oil good for hair?

Almond oil has been around since the discovery of almonds and their benefits; but is almond oil good for your hair, and for people suffering from thinning hair, poor quality hair growth or wanting to increase the speed of hair growth? (Sorry for the overly long question).

Almond oil does not have enough benefits to actually use that often, and even that long – this oil will actually cause very dry scalp, and increase inflammation (which is the cause of hair loss in the first place) so use this oil very carefully – it is not meant for long term use, nor is it meant to be applied for very long (no more than 20-30 minutes).

Is the Immortal’s Oil good for Hair growth?

Having known about this oil only in the last few years, we have found it to be a very effective oil for helping hair grow, in terms of thickness and speed of hair growth.

The great thing about this oil is that it can be used everyday, without any negative side effects. Other oil’s will stop working and producing results after a couple of uses, and if continued for longer, they usually don’t produce more results, but with the Immortal’s oil, you get to see a lot of results, depending on your condition and how your lifestyle is.

The reason you should have an oil that can be used daily is because when applying, you actually rub your scalp – a sort of scalp massage takes place, and this scalp massage boosts the effects of the oil times 10 at least if not more; especially when this is done everyday – it helps break down the calcification of the scalp, which increases circulation and also hair growth and quality of hair growing – scalp massage is something that should be done everyday for at least the first 2-3 weeks depending on how serious you want results – this will soften the scalp, unblock vessels and hair follicle growth will increase to its maximum capacity – taking a B-complex supplement will then help push this even further (as well as improved health based lifestyle).

So to answer the question: Is coconut oil good for your hair? The answer is yes and no, it depends on seriousness of hair condition and what your goal is – if it is for hair growth, and better quality hair, then there are better oils such as the Immortal’s oil.